B. Moseley Professional Portrait. Man wearing button up shirt. Web & Graphic Design Expert.


Benjamin C. Moseley, was raised in Houston Texas and is the Founder & Creative Director for Digi Design Group. I have always had a passion for helping others and a passion for business and creativity. During my earlier years, I spent 8 years as a Submarine Yeoman in the United States Navy and became a multifaceted administrator, analyst, and much more.

Designed by Time & Experience

At a young age I could always be found with a guitar or banjo in hand, and also enjoyed hand drawn art. During my Navy Career I found out I have a passion for branding and web development which led me to Graphic, Multimedia and Wed Design study at New England Institute of Technology.  I am also a graduate of Liberty University. I was fortunate to graduate from both institutes with academic Honors.

While I was in the Navy, I spent most his Submarine Sea Duty time formatting, writing, and managing all correspondence and policies for the Navy. I played a vital role designing two different Change of Command Ceremony Printed Pamphlet Designs.
During the summer of 2023, I spent his time as an intern for Bel Air Finishing as their IT, Marketing, & Social Media Management Intern, where I spent his time developing their website, running the analytics, and running their Social Media platforms.