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Any weekend is always a fantastic weekend to go somewhere and learn some local and American History while taking fun and great photos! For this photography assignment, it was decided that I should learn the History of Ledyard, and I decided to start from the basics. The purpose of this Fort Griswold Battlefield Photo Blog is to learn about Colonel William Ledyard and how his role is vital to our American History and everyone who has opportunity to should visit Fort Griswold to experience the amazing place that has been preserved for centuries!

View from Fort Griswold Tower. Overlooking Electric Boat, the Thames River, and New London

A piece of American History with an incredible story

bout the battlefield sign

The park is filled with fun and insightful markings and signs to help educate visitors as they walk through this historic battlefield. When you first get there you can look at the Tower and cannons nearby and admire the amazing craftsmanship of this fort

The Battle of Groton Heights

Fort Griswold, Groton Connecticut. Welcome Sign

Battle of Groton Heights and the Legacy of Colonel William Ledyard

Fort Griswold is a historic fort located in Groton, Connecticut. It was the site of the Battle of Groton Heights, which took place on September 6, 1781, during the American Revolutionary War. The battle was a British victory, but it came at a high cost. The British suffered over 200 casualties, while the Americans lost over 80 men.

Fort Griswold Battlefield Entrance

The Untimely Death

One of the most notable casualties of the battle was Colonel William Ledyard, the commander of Fort Griswold. Ledyard was a brave and respected officer, and his death was a major blow to the Americans.

Bravery and selflessness at Fort Griswold

Battlefield Wall Black and White

The battle began when a British force of about 3,000 men landed at Groton Heights. The British quickly overwhelmed the American defenses and captured the fort. During the battle, Ledyard was asked to surrender his sword. He refused, saying,

“we will not give up the fort, let the consequences be what they may”

– col william ledyard
Fort Griswold Tower & Canon

Sacrifice not forgotten

Ledyard was then stabbed and killed by a British officer. His death became a rallying cry for the Americans, and it helped to inspire them to continue fighting for their independence.
The Battle of Groton Heights was a significant event in the American Revolutionary War. It was one of the last major battles of the war, and it helped to pave the way for American independence.

Gated Colonel Ledyard Tomb view of tunnel entrance

His marker now reads:
“On this spot
Col. William Ledyard
Fell by his own sword in the hands of a British Officer to whom he had surrendered in the massacre of Fort Griswold. Sept.31.1781.”

The Final Resting Place

Colonel Ledyard Grave

Photos at Fort Griswold

Hill with American Flag flying in the wind

Colonel William Ledyard was a true hero of the American Revolution. He was a brave and courageous leader who was willing to give his life for his country. His death at Fort Griswold was a major blow to the Americans, but it also inspired them to continue fighting for their freedom.

This Fort Griswold Photography Essay was taken over three separate amazing trips! Furthermore, you can make your way to the top of the tower on holidays and special event dates in the resources listed below.

Fort Griswold Tunnel
The Trenches
Trenches man built in Groton Connecticut

Digi Design Group recently visited Fort Griswold and took some amazing photos. The photos capture the beauty and history of the fort, and they also tell the story of the Battle of Groton Heights and the legacy of Colonel William Ledyard.

Fort Griswold exit from tunnel into trenches towards battlefield
Battlefield Ammo Cellar and Cannonball Furnace

Digi Design Group’s photos of Fort Griswold are a must-see for anyone interested in American history. The photos are beautifully composed and they capture the essence of this historic site.

A now thriving community around a battlefield of true historical significance.

Fort Griswold look at community surroundings into New London

Resources from Fort Griswold Photo Blog:

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Fort Griswold Battlefield Wall where guns used to be mounted

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