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My Experience atsBel Air Finishing’s IT Intern. A focus on Web and Social Media Management

A Company with a plan

On my first day at the IT Internship at Bel Air Finishing, I was greeted with a family environment who really stressed the need for organizing their website and launching their multi-media marketing back into a steady rhythm. My Internship began in May of 2023. I (Ben Moseley, the founder of our company) began this journey as an intern IT, Marketing and Web Designer for Bel Air Finishing from May to September of 2023. My main responsibilities were to manage their Website, Social Media, and Email Blasts. I also wrote two blogs and took the event photography for one of them during my internship.

– Steve Aliviti Sr.
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Bel Air begins by establishing the finishing process technology for the customer’s particular application. Once the process is developed, they integrate the proper equipment to suit the process. They also offer a complete product line of mass finishing process technology, wastewater treatment equipment, and precious metal recovery solutions.
Bel Air works with each customer to select the best solution for their needs. They provide an integrated turnkey system that includes a precision finishing process, media, compounds, equipment, and clean finishing wastewater treatment management and training.

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  • Update Process Technology Examples
  • Start up Email Marketing Campaign
  • Get blog section running
  • Social Media Management

As I continued my Bel Air Finishing IT Internship we began our first project which was the largest of updating the Process Technology Examples. There were over 500 individual pages that required a new design by a wireframe we established. We also recategorized and organized the Process Technology section by Industry, Process Technology, Material, Equipment, and a few other primary SEO helpful tags that allowed users to easily access any Keyword that may be relative to their own venture.

Boosting Email-Blast Click-Rates!

Another responsibility that I was assigned after we began to get into a steady rhythm, was being able to work with their team and boost their open click rate by 10% in our four emails that we sent to over 12,000 contacts. We sent Four emails to nearly 12,000 emails in Constant Contact Email Blast.

A sense of Community and Precision

A Finished Educational Community Outreach

Bel Air Finishing is a very active company that seeks to inform it’s consumers about the benefits of Mass Finishing, Tool Honing, Sanitization, and much more! The goal of their blog is to show what their company stands for in the brand values, goals, innovations, and the future of engineering.

Advanced Manufacturing students visit Bel Air

President of Bel Air Finishing, Steve Alviti Sr. educates students from JobCorps about Mass Finishing!

Bel Air Finishing Avliti Sr Educates Job Corps Students about Mass Finishing
Bel Air Finishing Avliti Sr Educates Job Corps Students about Mass Finishing
Advanced Manufacturing students visit Bel Air

President of Bel Air Finishing, Steve Alviti Sr. educates students from JobCorps about Mass Finishing!

Bel Air FInishing Finished Product
Bel Air Finishing Helps Tusk Manufacturing with Mass Finishing

Bel Air Finishing, a leading provider of Mass Finishing services, recently helped Tusk Manufacturing, a precision machined components manufacturer, achieve its goals for mass finishing. Tusk Manufacturing was looking to eliminate hand polishing and provide a repeatable process that would dramatically reduce production costs.

Branding Consistency through Social Media

Another task that was handed to me was to manage their Social Media Campaigns( LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube). We posted about various topics to include their recent blogs, Which included: An upcoming Tool Honing Seminar, and Community outreaches like JobCorps community event that I was fortunate to Blog about. Bel Air Finishing prides themselves in keeping up with their local community and ensuring that future generations of engineers know about the opportunity at Bel Air Finishing.

A Family Business who treat their clients like family

One of my fondest impressions that I had at Bel Air Finishing was when Alviti Sr. told me the story of how he began his apprenticeship as a Machinist Toolmaker that took him over 7 years and he began it at just 14 years old and received his certificate at 21.

As a gift for his achievement, he was given a Toolmaker’s Toolbox, which resides in their showroom to this day. He was presented the certificate in March of 1972, and has been Machining and Innovating ever since. You can really see the Pride he has in his Company and his work.

Bel Air Finishing Photos

Responsibilities as Bel Air Finishing’s IT Intern

I played many roles as everyone did at Bel Air Finishing. My responsibilities as Bel Air Finishing’s IT Intern (IT Web and Social Media Manager) included the responsibilities listed earlier and I also managed their Google and YouTube Analytics and their SEO. Overall, it was a beneficial experience and I got to witness how a large successful business runs and operates their Social Media, Analytics, and most important, their Website. I was able to develop and hone in on my essential skills that are required for this company to become a well rounded and Brand Consistent Company like Bel Air.

Photos from my time at Bel Air Finishing

If you would learn more about my experience there or how we can help your Website and Marketing Campaign, Contact us today!

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