Recyclobot Logo & Poster Design

A Build-Your-Own Environmentally Friendly Functional Toy!

“We live in a disposable society. It’s easier to throw things out than to fix them. We even give it a name – we call it recycling.” – Neil LaBute

Product Demonstration for Recyclobot Toy Tugboat

Creating a Logo and Poster Designs to keep our Earth in mind! – Never Refusing to Reuse!

“There’s nothing I believe in more strongly than getting young people interested in science and engineering, for a better tomorrow, for all humankind.”

– Bill Nye

Allowing young minds to Build FUN Economical and Functional Toys!

Recyclobot is a fictional brand created by our group for as a training exercise to allow our Designers the chance to show off their Technical Illustration combined with their playful graphic design meant-for-kids.
Additionally, this brand of educational toys that teaches kids ages 6-12 how to build their own robots from recycled materials. The toys are designed to be fun and engaging, while also teaching kids about the importance of recycling and sustainability.

Recyclobots kits come with all the materials kids need to build their own robots, including recycled cardboard, plastic bottles, and metal cans. The kits also include instructions and step-by-step videos that make it easy for kids to follow along. Once kids have built their robots, they can customize them with their own designs and creativity. Because the robots can be used to play games, solve puzzles, or simply be displayed as works of art. This shows a great way for kids to learn about recycling, sustainability, and engineering. They’re also a lot of fun! So if you’re looking for an educational and eco-friendly toy that will keep your kids entertained for hours, Recyclobots is a great option.

Our Client

A project ready for fun!

The Recyclobot Logo & Poster Design are fictionally created by our group for training and the case study has been utilized for training. The mission of Recyclobot is to create a monthly mail-to-house subscription services that sells build-it-yourself toys made from uncommon recyclable items (provided by the brand) and then built from your choice of our recommended household items that you can reuse! Each box will feature a different toy and parents can select their box and toy of choice monthly to arrive to their doorstep. Each month Recyclobots will release a new toy with a detailed illustration and poster for use after build.

Why Recyclobot?

Our Group uses these exercises for training and were given a timeline of five-weeks to build the first prototype, from start to finish. Each designer recieved certain tasks and were tasked with developing the Toy, creating a logo for the brand “Recyclobots” and creating a technical illustration on how to Build the toy (done with Adobe Illustrator), and create a business card with their name on it and the Recyclobots logo and Value Proposition.

How our Designers approached – Saving the earth, one toy at a time!

The Reclyclobot Toy Brand Logo and Illustration Poster require a lot of moving parts and have many stages to their developments. The first challenge was to research the market, conduct an analysis and Brainstorm the logo, toy, and color schemes for the logo. While one group was developing the sketches and then illustrations for the Recyclobots Logo and color pallets, our other group began collaborating and sketching the layout for the Poster and “How-to-Build” technical illustration.

  • Create a Budget Fun/Eco Friendly Logo

  • Research and develop a Logo, Toy, & Technical Illustrations and graphically design products for the brand

  • Complete the assignment in 4 weeks and deliver the final product package in 5 weeks

  • Develop 2 pages and a cover for their SALES catalog

After our research and development process, the designers of our group wasted no time in pulling out their sketch books to begin putting their brainstorm ideas on paper! Our designers then picked the top 3 logos and began the refinement by building rough drafts in Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Professional Product Photography

  • Design a Catalog for print

  • Build a basic and Graphically Designed Wireframe to show brand cohesiveness.

During the Research and Planning stages of this, our Photographers kept busy at work setting up the studio and planning their Product Photography shots of the clients “must-have” featured products.

Heave the lines and go! Lets make a Logo!

While our designers are busy sketching for the Reclyclobot Toy Brand Logo and Illustration Poster, another group is tasked with deciding colors for the logo and toy ideas that were brainstormed.

HEX Color: HEX: 96d0a1

The green color chosen is to display the eco friendly and earth-conscientiousness mind-set that Recyclobot tries to emit.

HEX Color: 976eb0

The purple is chosen to show the quality of our product and our dedication to fun, imaginative minds that seek to create a better future for our earth while building fun tuns with repurposed every-day house hold items.

Recyclobot color scheme
Recyclobot logo in process examples

Our designers developed over 20 different versions, and presented the top 3 and then began the coloring process. To the left you will see some of our various color processes that were attempted.

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Pencil & Sketch Art

  • Research, Develop, Brainstorm

  • Ensure meets brand criteria and has earth friendly feeling

This logo took the group just under 2 weeks to complete from start to finish. After the logo was completed, the group began focusing their attention on the developing toy. A Tugboat named Tim Brody aka TB-12.

Recyclobot Logo Black and White Version
Recyclobot Completed Logo

The group came up with a tugboat as the design, and used a Pop-tart box, the bottom of a Chinese take-out dish, and 2 different colored duct tapes and straws and the primary Recyclable toy materials. TB-12 is designed to inspire and educate young minds on how important Tugboats are to not only our environment and at-sea transit system, but it’s an incredible feat of technology!

During the build process of this Tugboat, the group took very detailed notes and dimensions of each material that needed to be provided in the box for the children and also what types of materials were commonly found in the average American house-hold that way every child can have the same fun opportunity to build an amazing Toy that promotes keeping the environment healthy!

Our Approach to the Challenge

The Recyclobot Logo & Poster Design created a learning experience in that our group is now able to identify a market that is a missed opportunity for the North East toy community and built a successful Brand Logo, Technical Illustration, and Business Card that met the deadline and design requirements of our fictional client that provides quality training for the group.

  • Research, Develop, Brainstorm

  • Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop

  • Pencil & Sketch Art

  • Ensure meets brand criteria and has earth friendly feeling

The Technical Illustration and Business Cards are both created in Adobe Illustrator and our Designers used Photoshop to edit the product photos

Digi Design Group Ben M working at computer desk designing graphics

The Benefits

Get DIGI with your Designs!

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